Stewed Peaches and Apricot compote

Apricot compote

Yes, I am still reminiscing about apricots and my childhood! (see this post)

Today what was supposed to be stewed apricots, turned out more like apricot compote. That’s okay, I’ll happily take it! I found a recipe that uses sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon and chamomile flower tea. I cooked it a bit long though, so it turned out a bit mushy, but tastes delicious and cannot wait to use it on my plain unsweetened yogurt for breakfast!

The baker in me is wondering how this would substitute in recipes that call for apple sauce…

Stewed peaches

Instead of ditching most of the mushy apricots, I cooked the peaches in the same sauce above and this time checked them often. I like them sort of halfway between soft and crunchy. Perfect. They will go nicely with ice-cream or custard this summer or even as a dessert on it’s own.

If you have ever substituted another fruit besides bananas or apples in recipes that call for such a sauce, and have perhaps tried apricots or another stone fruit, I would love to hear about it!

I’m having fun at the moment making all these homemade things and I can see why my aunt loved doing so. It is such a satisfying past time.

Now…what next to try ?

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