I had about 30 minutes one day to make a pudding and I scratched around in my pantry to see what I had. I felt like I was in a Masterchef challenge! “Right Guys! you have 30 minutes and a 5 items. Give us something delicious!”

I found a can of coconut whipping cream

A can of caramel treat

I had some crushed gluten free cookie crumb in the freezer (always keep some spare), some bananas.

So I first added about 30g melted butter to the 150g crushed cookies and mixed and then pressed that into the foil tin.

I then sliced two bananas and arranged the slices on top of the crushed cookie base.

Next I whipped the coconut cream

Then added the caramel treat and whipped it again and then poured that over the bananas.

Smoothed the top with a spatula.

I then added chopped pecans and some toasted coconut flakes to the top and it was done!

Let me know if you try it and what you think!~

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