The Best Places to eat Gluten-Free

La Pineta Gluten-free food

Eating out when you have Celiac Disease is very tricky. However I don’t let it
stop me.

I have a few tips that may help you:

  1. Have a Celiac dining out card. I hand this card to the waiter and ask him to show the chef. The card speaks for me without me having to make a fuss.
  2. Phone ahead and ask about food safety for Celiac’s. I explain it is more
    than having gluten-free options, our food needs to be prepared and
    cooked separately.
  3. I look at menus online first.
  4. I read reviews
    I stay away from sauces( normally wheat flour of stock)anything f deep
    fried anything including chips (they always fry flour coated stuff in the
    same oil).
  5. I stay away from pizza (the gf pizza goes into the same oven
    where flour is present) anything toasted (they use the same toaster for
    wheat breads).
  6. I don’t eat out often to minimize my risk of cross contamination.


If you are gluten intolerant I am sure you try your best to avoid gluten at all
costs too, the above may help you.

Having said that, there are a few places I have found to be safe. Please note
that just because I have not experienced cross contamination at the following
places, does not mean it can’t happen. If you have Celiac disease, the onus is
always on ourselves to advocate for ourselves, ask the right questions and do
our homework.

Here they are!

1. Java Bistro -Stellenbosch
Their wraps are so good! Just be careful of sauces-always ask and also ask for
the chicken to be grilled.
2. Henry’s – Somerset West
Their breakfast is really good!
3. Babettes Eatery – Somerset West
Their portion sizes are a bit on the small side, but their food is good.
I especially like the flour-less cake, the sugar-free cheesecake, and the apple
and carrot gluten-free muffin.
4. The Hussar Grill– Somerset West
Steak is always good and the Grilled Salmon. I opt for potato wedges or
veggies rather than chips.
5. LourensFord Coffee shop – Somerset West
The date bar is a nice sweet treat.
6. Kauai -Somerset west Mall
I love the smoothies, gluten-free wraps (princess wrap is the best)
They prepare everything with clean gloves!
7. Off the Gluten Path-Woodstock
Their bagels are very nice! I have only eaten there twice, because it is quite far,
but it is a certified Gluten-free coffee shop.
8. The Blue Kiwi– Simons Town
They cater for Celiac safe (are very aware of our needs) and have many
gluten-free options! Very nice burgers and chips
9. Pestana Fish and Chips-Vergelegen Somerset West
We often get take-away fish and chips here. She knows us well! I get grilled
fish and the chip fryer is only used for chips which are not pre-coated in flour.
She has assured me that no flour ever goes into her chip fryer nor do they cook
calamari or fish in it. She has a dedicated fryer for only chips!
10. Miko– Franschhoek
If ever you are looking for a fancy treat, this is the place! My hubby took me
here for our anniversary last year. I emailed them first about my dietary
restrictions and was assured that they could cater. Again at the restaurant,
I checked with the waitress and gave my celiac card to show the chef.
Everything was so beautiful and so delicious! They even brought a basket of
gluten-free bread and crackers to the table!

11. La Pineta -R44

We had our 25th wedding anniversary here which they catered for. The service, private dining room and food was amazing. Great care was taken with some of the meals that had to be for Celiac’s. We did not experience any cross contamination. I spoke to the host planner and this was arranged from day 1. Communication is vital in a situation like this.

Celiac101 Crash Course

Eating out with dietary restrictions, including Celiac disease is not impossible,
if you follow the rules of: INFORM, ASK and CHECK you will be okay. Obviously,
from time to time I experience cross contamination, but this is far less now than
back in the day where I was shy and did not know how to speak up for myself.
In my Celiac Crash course on my Bountifully Healthy website, I teach you how
to advocate for yourself and speak up for yourself, how to order at restaurants
(even pre-written scripts for you) and how to deal with social situations. You
can learn more here and if you ever need 1:1coaching for gluten intolerance or
Celiac Disease please feel free to reach out to me! I am a certified health coach
and nutritional health coach as well as a genetic practitioner.

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