NEW PRODUCT: Improved Wraps

Improved taste, texture and shelf life I am using a different recipe now for my wraps. These wraps do not contain almond flour, but my gluten free flour blend and psyllium husk. The Psyllium husk gives it more of a “wheaty” taste. It also helps to bind them better, making them more pliable and softer.Continue reading “NEW PRODUCT: Improved Wraps”

Vegan Cupcakes

Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes available on the menu These cupcakes are really delicious and you’d never guess that there were missing eggs. The texture is light ad fluffy and definitely not dense at all. They can be made with a vegan whipped chocolate ganache (dark chocolate and coconut cream)or a vegan buttercream. I personallyContinue reading “Vegan Cupcakes”