Hi, I'm Bonnie


I’m a Gluten Free Baker.

I’ve been baking gluten-free for nine years. In the beginning my bakes resembled ancient artifacts from lost worlds, but with patience, many flops and practice, I taught myself how to successfully bake gluten-free. In 2020 I opened my home bakery.

Bringing you yummy gluten-free bakes

How to order

*Order dates stated on each item

*Pick-up Only in Somerset West (address given after payment)

*No Delivery service

Are you looking for...

*delicious gluten-free bakes?

*affordable gluten-free?

*quality gluten-free?

*gluten-free bakes made in a dedicated gluten-free space?

*made by someone who understands and knows the importance of cross contamination?

Then you have found the right bakery...

*gluten-free, including vegan and dairy free!


One on One Gluten-Free Classes

Coming soon….

Look at what you could learn to bake!

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