Specializing in Gluten Free Bakes

“Find something your are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

~Julia Child


My name is Bonnie. I am the owner and sole baker behind Bonnie’s GF Bakery. I have Celiac Disease and specialize in 100% gluten free bakes along with some dairy free, sugar free, and vegan options. My aim is not only to provide delicious baked goodies but also to be a source of advice and support when it comes to living with NSGS and Celiac Disease, recipes and general tips on living with this condition.

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recipe: Sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies? I know, sounds weird, but believe me, these are delicious. They contain no refined sugar and you get a good dose of vegetables too. They definitely hit the spot when you have…

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Cupcake Baking kits

cupcake kits Lots of us like to bake at home, but sometimes the thought of getting out one hundred different ingredients is too much to handle. Especially when it comes to gluten free baking, to…

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