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Please read my Terms of Use before using this website and ordering from me. In this Terms of Use, “I” , “my” and “me” is referred to the owner of Bonnie’s GF Bakery, Bonnie van Esch. “You” “your” is the person using and reading this website.

Site Content

By using this site, you agree that you are over 18 and that are bound by the terms of use and conditions stated herein.

No information whether code, text or images may be: copied, shared, reproduced, modified, uploaded, redistributed, adapted, transmitted or sold in any way or form. All text and images are the property and copyright of Bonnies’s GF Bakery /Bonnie van Esch. Nothing on my site may be used in any immoral, defamatory, sexual or religious way.

I do not bake/take orders for the following events:

Due to my personal beliefs, I do not bake for Birthdays.

Blog and reviews/Testimonials

Adding comments or testimonials requires you to do so in a respectful and honest way. Please refrain from using profanity or crude speech. Such comments will be deleted. Any testimonial or review that is added solely for the purpose winning a competition or any other gain will not be eligible and will be deleted. If you leave a review, please do so only if you have personally bought from me.

You will always be asked if your review can be used publicly across social media platforms.

Testimonials/reviews are not to be held as absolute truth, as tastes and preferences differ from person to person. All negative reviews will be followed up.


Payment for orders must be done in full and before delivery or collection of baked goods and within 24 hours of having received your invoice. I reserve the right to withhold/cancel any delivery/collection of items where no payment or proof has been received. Payment confirms your order. Only a bank approved proof of payment will be accepted.

If you order for the following day: Please pay the same day of having received your invoice and send through the POP as soon as possible. No good will be released without proof of payment.

Orders will be cancelled when no payment or proof of payment is paid/sent in time at my discretion. This is due to time management and the pre-purchase of ingredients needed for an order and also to ensure I can still accept other customers orders.

All payments are to be made via EFT only. I do not accept cash payments or COD. Upon confirmation of your order, you will be sent an invoice via email. My EFT details are on the invoice. Please send through a bank approved proof of payment to the email address listed. If you would like to collect the same day as your order, an instant payment must be made the same day with an POP sent to me.

Refunds/returns/cancellation/Failure to collect/accept delivery

  • For orders that need to be changed / cancelled 7 days in advance before the delivery/collection date, a full refund will be given on the order total if already paid.
  • Any orders cancelled within 2-6 days of the delivery/collection date will be entitled to a 50% refund if already paid.
  • Any orders cancelled/ changed within 48 hours of the delivery/collection date already paid will not be entitled to a refund.
  • If you cannot accept delivery or collect on the day specified for your order, I will hold such items for 1 day but please note that I DO NOT accept responsibility for the spoilage/ storage for any Fresh goods you have purchased. In the case of premixes I will hold it for you for 1 week from date of delivery/collection day. In the case of frozen goods, because of limited space, it will be held for a maximum of 3 days from original delivery/collection date. No refunds are done and no goods will be remade for you as I would have had to use my resources and time to make your order. If you cannot arrange collection or delivery on the day specified, your order and payment will be forfeited. (unless you make arrangements that fit in with the above conditions).

Please allow 5-10 working days for such payment reversals to take place.

For all fresh products that are made to order, no returns or refunds or accepted.

Refunds are only given in the event that the incorrect product was given to you or it is an unsatisfactory quality. Should this be the case, you must contact me within 6 hours of having received your order. I do not accept liability for any complaints after this time period.

Delivery / collection

I work Tuesday to Friday 8am- 5pm. Since I am busy fulfilling orders during this time, my delivery/collection time is normally between 3-5pm but could be later depending on circumstances. You will be contacted via email and a time will be arranged with you. Please make sure you check your email on the day your order is due.

Ready-made meals

All ready-made meals are gluten-free and made with the finest ingredients such as free range meat and free range eggs. All allergens and ingredients is listed on my menu page. It is your responsibility to check the ingredients. The same policies listed above apply.


I reserve the right to use photographs of any orders I prepare, for use on my website, blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. You may not copy or use these photographs taken by me, even if they are for your order in any way unless with express written permission by me. You may not download, save, copy, share, reuse any photographs on this website in any way. They are copyrighted.

Disclaimer on gluten free

I bake in my home kitchen. I have Celiac Disease and my daughter has NCGS. My husband and son do not, Therefore, I do have gluten in my house. However, I store all my gluten free products/ ingredients and packaging in a separate pantry in my home. When I bake for clients, I do so in a clean, well prepared kitchen with no gluten contaminants on my working surface. I also have a dedicated kitchen counter for my gluten free baking. Although every length and effort is taken to insure no cross contamination occurs, please be advised that I do not hold a certified gluten-free certificate. Therefore I cannot be held responsible or liable for any measure of illness that could be the possible result from consuming my baked products. (Although this is highly unlikely but unfortunately I have to put this disclaimer in). The products I buy and use are to the best of my knowledge, are well known and 100% free of gluten. Some of these products/brands say “naturally gluten free” or “gluten free” but do not contain a certified gluten free badge on them. I have used them for years personally and have not encountered any problems. I make my own gluten free flour blend using tapioca flour, potato starch, white rice flour and xantham gum.


Please note I store and use peanuts as well as other nuts in my home bakery. I also use dairy (unless the baked product specifically says it is vegan or dairy free. )

General Disclaimers

All information on my website: descriptions, prices, menu and offers are subject to change without notice and are subject to omissions and error including prices stated on your invoice.

All content expressed remain the sole view and opinion of myself, Bonnie van Esch. Any product reviews or recommendations are solely my own and are in no way endorsed, affiliated or sponsored/paid for by the brand or company mentioned. (Unless stated otherwise). All blog content regarding support, advice, help and encouragement remain my views and thoughts are based solely on my personal experience. I do not profess to have any medical qualification, nor do I endorse or encourage any health or medical action/food/program/website/brand/company. I am not liable for any action taken on your part that results from reading or following any personal expressions on this website. I do always encourage you to seek professional or medical expertise with anything health related and especially before taking any product whether natural or commercial that is recommended on this website. Any information provided is not meant for the purpose of self diagnosis. The information is for the purpose of educational and informative purposes only.

No information provided can be relied on as medical or health advice. It is not meant in any way as a substitute for professional advice or treatment. Any medical treatment or product you take or discontinue due to reading this site, is done at your own discretion. This site is not attempting to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition. As always please consult the relevant health professional should you wish for any of these things.

Security/information supplied by you

Any personal information (name, telephone numbers, home address, email address) you provide willingly on this site, whether via the order form, blog, newsletter forms or over email will be treated with confidence and will not be shared, sold or used without your consent nor will the information be used to contact you without your consent unless specifically for the reason it was provided: to contact you with regards to your order, payment, delivery or collection. This is in accordance with the POPIA act as effect June 2021. Any such information stored on my website for the purpose of collecting information for an order is deleted once it is no longer needed.

It is your responsibility to ensure your details are correct and kept safe. I do not take any responsibility for your personal information being hacked or found by outside sources, since I cannot control the internet. By providing your personal details such as telephone number or email address, you agree to be contacted by me any time regarding your order or delivery/collection. Your personal details will not be used to contact you at any other stage nor will they be added to newsletters or shared.

Please do not use my Cell phone number to whatsAPP me regarding information/orders. My phone number is not listed as part of my business and remains private. Should you wish to contact me, please do so via the email provided on this website. I get instant email notifications so will respond when I am able to do so.

I am compliant with the POPIA act in this regard.


To contact me regarding anything on this site please use the contact form on this site or email bonniesgfbakery[at]gmail.com. Thank you.

Please use the online order form to place orders . Please note that the email address supplied to contact me is only for information you may need related to this website, my products, services or your order.

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