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Please read my Terms of Use before using this website and ordering from me. In this Terms of Use, “I” , “my” and “me” is referred to the owner of Bonnie’s GF Bakery, Bonnie van Esch. “You” “your” is the person using and reading this website.


  • Orders are only for a Friday, no exceptions. (I am a health coach and coach all other weekdays)
  • No delivery, pickup only from my home in Somerset West, address given after payment received.
  • Time for pickup will be arranged with you on the Friday.
  • Orders work as a first come, first serve basis. Once full, no more orders will be accepted for that week.
  • Cut off orders for a Friday is Thursday 9am.
  • Payment is only via YOCO EFT or Card. This is a third party payment site and no credit card details are stored on my website. You will be directed to your bank for the payment. This facilitates a seamless automated process.
  • It is your responsibility to check the ingredients listed for each bake. I use products that I know are safe for Celiac and gluten-free people.
  • My kitchen is not certified gluten-free, however since my daughter and I are both Celiac, my kitchen is very safe and utmost care is taken at all times.

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By using this site, you agree that you are over 18 and that are bound by the terms of use and conditions stated herein.

No information whether code, text or images may be: copied, shared, reproduced, modified, uploaded, redistributed, adapted, transmitted or sold in any way or form. All text and images, text, photography and videos are the property and copyright of Bonnies’s GF Bakery /Bonnie van Esch. Nothing on my site may be used in any immoral, defamatory, sexual or religious way.


  • By purchasing the masterclasses you are bound by the terms and conditions.
  • You may not share the video link nor the PDF’s that come with your purchase.
  • You may not upload to any website as any form of digital product or share it in any way.
  • You may not upload to any website as any form of digital product or share it in any way.
  • You may not share, redistribute, copy or sell my PDF or recipes in any physical way.
  • All content remains the property of Bonnie’s GF Bakery. Purchasing does not transfer ownership to you.
  • You may not upload my recipes to any blog or share without my written consent.


Adding comments or testimonials requires you to do so in a respectful and honest way. Please refrain from using profanity or crude speech. Such comments will be deleted. Any testimonial or review that is added solely for the purpose winning a competition or any other gain will not be eligible and will be deleted. If you leave a review, please do so only if you have personally bought from me.By leaving a review, please note that it will be used publicly across social media platforms. Testimonials/reviews are not to be held as absolute truth, as tastes and preferences differ from person to person. All negative reviews will be followed up.


Payment is via YOCO which accepts International debit and credit cards. Please note that this is a third party plugin and all payments are processed via them. Making online payments remains your responsibility and we hold no liability for any such transactions. Once payment has been accepted, you will get access to the masterclass video and instructions within 24 hours.


Please note that no refunds are given on masterclasses due to the nature of it being a virtual product.

Security/information supplied by you

Any personal information (name email address) you provide willingly on this site, whether via the order form, blog, newsletter forms or over email will be treated with confidence and will not be shared, sold or used without your consent nor will the information be used to contact you without your consent unless specifically for the reason it was provided: to contact you with regards to your order, payment, delivery or collection. This is in accordance with the POPIA act as effect June 2021. Any such information stored on my website for the purpose of collecting information for an order is deleted once it is no longer needed.

It is your responsibility to ensure your details are correct and kept safe. I do not take any responsibility for your personal information being hacked or found by outside sources, since I cannot control the internet. By providing your personal details such as telephone number or email address, you agree to be contacted by me any time regarding your order or delivery/collection. Your personal details will not be used to contact you at any other stage nor will they be added to newsletters or shared.

I am compliant with the POPIA act in this regard.


To contact me regarding anything on this site please use the contact form on this site or email bonniesgfbakery[at]gmail.com.

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