Hi, I’m Bonnie. I run a home bakery and specialize in delicious gluten free bakes.

I started my gluten free journey in 2014 after discovering I had a Celiac Disease. (which I didn’t know was celiac at the time! Long story). I spent years trying to heal my leaky gut and fix the damage that gluten had done to me and so began a journey of learning a new way of life and baking and cooking exclusively with gluten free foods.

In June 2020 I started Bonnie’s GF Bakery not only to offer delicious home baked gluten free food but also to share my story, experiences and offer support to those who are new to a gluten free lifestyle.

I operate from my home kitchen and bake exclusively gluten free to avoid cross contamination. My gluten free pantry is separate from my family’s pantry. I take great care in my service to you from sourcing good quality, trusted ingredients to making sure you are happy with the end product.

On this website you will find my blog in which you can read about my personal experiences going gluten free, healing a leaky gut (and the steps you can take to heal yours) and adjusting to a gluten free lifestyle. You can also find my menu which is both bakes and gluten free dinner meals. I also offer some sugar free, dairy-free, vegan, low carb options. Please feel free to order.

Please feel free to contact me on my email if you have any questions or alternatively see my F&Q page.