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Welcome to Bonnie’s Gluten-Free Bakery. I bake from my home in Somerset West in South Africa. As a Celiac, I know how hard it is to find SAFE gluten-free foods. In my kitchen,I have a dedicated gluten-Free space and dedicated equipment. I love being able to bring you my gluten-free bakes. Since I now work as a Certified Health Coach and genetic practitioner, I only bake on some days every week. Orders are for collection only,  no delivery service offered.

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Bountifully Healthy

I am a certified health coach and genetic practitioner. Please go to my other business page to learn more. If you are new to a gluten-free lifestyle or have just been diagnosed with Celiac, as a health coach I offer coaching as well as a crash course to help you transition quickly by educating yourself and giving you support and guidance on the everyday challenges we face.

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