Orange and Almond cake

My bakery opens again on the 5th of January for orders!

I didn’t do much baking in my 3 weeks holiday. 3 weeks? Wow, it went by so quickly!!

I baked two cakes: a cheesecake and an orange and almond cake.

Orange and almond cake

Orange Almond cake is a delicious cake! Naturally gluten free as it is made with almond flour. It contains just 5 ingredients: oranges, almond flour, baking powder, eggs and sugar and to decorate you can use toasted almond flakes and cream cheese or a sugar syrup.

The texture is light and airy due to the long whipping time of the eggs, incorporating all that air into them. It makes a one layer cake, but I divided my mixture into two pans and made a double layer cake with cream cheese in the middle and on top.


mini version of it!

A lot of recipes call for boiling the oranges for an hour, but I really have not found any difference doing it that way. I wash my oranges, slice them, skin and all and put them in my food processor. (just be sure to remove the pips as they can give it a slightly bitter taste).

Then all you do is whip the eggs (5 in total) with the sugar until thick and doubled in volume. The mixture will be very pale. Then you fold in the baking powder, almond flour and orange puree, being careful to fold so as not to loose all that air you incorporated by whipping.

It goes into a prepared oven pan and bakes for an hour at 160 c.

After it cools, you can ice with cream cheese, top with toasted almond flakes and fresh orange slices.

It is so good! Probably one of my favorite cakes to bake because it is so easy and basically flop proof and also because it is just pure citrus deliciousness!

Be sure to order yours from my bakery!

Bonnie x

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