My Gluten Free bakery and what this means.

I wanted to write about something as I have been thinking about this and I think it is good to have a space on my blog to tell it like it is.

Auto immune

For anybody with a food allergy or any type of auto immune disease (like Celiac), or any gut syndrome or condition, you know the struggle. There are so many diseases, syndromes and conditions out there and some of them are just heart breaking to read about. The daily struggle of people just trying to go about their lives. Some of these conditions are debilitating. They impact on every avenue of a person’s life, from their emotional and mental well being to their self confidence and social life and work. Many of us know somebody with conditions like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, IBD, IBS, Hashimoto, Diabetes, Psoriasis, etc. Did you know there are now over 100 autoimmune diseases?

Having such a condition is not easy. Gluten intolerance or Celiac disease does not sound that serious. Many people think it is just a food allergy. But the truth is, when you have Celiac disease, your body attacks itself. (which is the basic truth for all autoimmune disease: your immune system attacks you from the inside).

As a child and right up until I was told I had gluten intolerance. As I got older things just got worse. (more on my background story on my blog) The point is, I was sick. Maybe I looked fine on the outside. I’ve always been an active, positive person and perhaps some people just did not see a “sick” person. The problem with autoimmune diseases is that for a lot of them, we do look relatively healthy on the outside and it would be hard to tell something is wrong.

My daughter was also diagnosed with gluten intolerance 1 year after I was. However, my son and my husband are not gluten intolerant. This means that I have gluten in my home. Learning to live with dietary requirements when you have family members with none, is hard in the beginning and takes adjusting for everyone in the family.

Learning to live with dietary requirements when you have family members with none, is hard in the beginning and take adjusting for everyone in the family.


I used to bake two different things every time I baked for our family: a gluten version and a gluten free version. But it was not easy or enjoyable doing this. Eventually I stopped baking with gluten based products altogether. My husband and son have, over the years gotten used to my baking and as it improved, and now enjoy my gluten free baking. When they want something gluten, we buy it. It is so much easier. (with cooking some meals, I still cook two different versions like for example pasta)

How I store my gluten free supplies

I store my baking equipment, my baking supplies and ingredients in a separate pantry. Each ingredient is labelled, and stored in an airtight container. Since I do not bake at all with gluten flour, I do not worry about cross contamination.

I do not hold a certified gluten free certificate. Everyday we see or buy products for retail with words on like “naturally gluten free”;”free from gluten”; “Gluten free friendly” and “gluten free”.

We also go out to eat at coffee shops and restaurants and we trust that the “gluten free” item on the menu is gluten free. Most of these places do not have certified gluten free kitchens as they work with gluten in their kitchens on a daily basis.

It is due to all these reasons that I have a disclaimer on my blog and which is why I ask every person who orders from me to read my Terms of Use before purchasing. I take great care in my home kitchen for myself and my daughter and for others who are battling with gluten intolerance. More than this it is up to each persons discretion.

Thank you.

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