Want to see my Summer menu?

New summer menu!

Why A summer menu?

With warmer days on the way, a lot of people get more active and start thinking about their food a bit more, especially if they maybe want to lose weight for summer. Even if that is not your agenda, we all tend to want food that is cooler, lighter, and refreshing. I get it…that is why I have planed a summer menu for you.

So The next couple of weeks will be exciting, with different options to choose from. (Of course you can still order cupcakes and cakes from me anytime you like! I am open every week Tuesday to Friday 8am-5pm. Just fill our the online order form and remember to allow 3 days notification as well as time for payment)

My summer menu has some added benefits:

  • Healthier with less sugar and more fruit
  • They make for easy freezing and defrost in the fridge within a few hours
  • Perfect to serve at a dinner party.
  • Ideal for special occasions like baby showers, bridal showers, kitchen teas
  • Lovely to take with for picnics
  • Not too filling or heavy

What’s on offer…

  1. A variety of mini tarts will be available
  2. Large, medium and small tarts and cheesecakes (all no bake)
  3. A selection of different flavored dessert cups.

How to order

  1. Go to my Menu page to see what’s available
  2. Then click the order button when you are ready or go to the order page to place your order
  3. Tick all the relevant items you want to order, fill out the form and click submit
  4. sit back and wait for me to send you an invoice!

*Please note when you order certain items, a minimum quantity is required.

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Here’s to a great summer!

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