Healthy Peanut Chocolate Bars

Before I went off gluten, chocolate bars were my little indulgent treat. Probably not very healthy treat, but nonetheless! Chocolate log, snickers, TV bar, Inside Story, Lunch bar were my favorite to name a few! Going off gluten probably saved me from diabetes in the long run! All that refined sugar I was eating wasContinue reading “Healthy Peanut Chocolate Bars”

Chocolate Treat boxes

Handmade chocolates One thing I have come to love doing is making handmade chocolates. I love testing new recipes and also making up my own by combining a few different recipes to make a new one. Sometimes you like elements of a certain recipe, but you can also see how components of different recipes couldContinue reading “Chocolate Treat boxes”

NEW! Vegan and gluten-free chocolate bars

New on my menu! These delicious chocolate bars are a toss up of a bounty bar and snicker bar! Made with coconut cream, desiccated coconut, syrup, peanut butter and dark chocolate. They are gluten free but also vegan and refined sugar free. Free from preservatives, additives and colorants. Topped with pecan pieces. These bars willContinue reading “NEW! Vegan and gluten-free chocolate bars”