A Wedding at 90 years old.

Photo Credit: Elaine Sangster

I recently made, as a gift, a semi-naked 3 layer chocolate cake with apricot jam in the middle for a couple who, at the age of 90 and 80 respectively, said their marriage vows. I was invited to watch the wedding online.

I do not made wedding cakes to sell, simply because I feel I could not do them justice. My style is very simple, rustic, homely and not something a bride is going to go gaga for. Besides that, the stress of making a cake for such a momentous event is just too much for me. So I have opted not to offer this service for these reasons. That being said, since this was a gift I offered to make and I know the couple, It was made with love, even though the icing on top was not perfect. The apricot jam was a request from the 90 year old groom who hadn’t had such a combination cake in many years and was craving it! (I had a taste of the off cuts , and let me tell you: Apricot and chocolate pair so well together!!)

The experience was lovely. To hear how they enjoyed their cake and shared it with their family and close friends was priceless.

I was also happy to see that the article about them made our local paper headlines and a full story was written about it with a mention to my bakery.

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