Orange and Almond Cake

The essence of summer

When I think of this flour-less orange and almond cake, I think of summer. The bright, cheerful color of orange is so summery.

This cake also reminds me of summer days spent at my grandmother. It’s not that she made this particular cake, but she did always have a “tea-time”. Tea time was always between breakfast and lunch. That little space where you just start to feel peckish. You’re not quite ready for lunch yet but the nibbles are starting. She always had either cake or biscuits (cookies) for us with a cup of tea. I remember we would be playing at the bottom of the garden or sitting in the apricot tree and we would hear the little tinkle of her bell she rang, calling us for tea.

This cake is flour-less in the sense it is not made with traditional flours. Rather it is made with ground almonds, whole oranges, egg and sugar. It is a simple cake but one that speaks volumes with every mouth full.

To decorate all that is needed a dusting of icing sugar, Almond sprinkles and some slices of oranges.

However, if you wanted to, you can slice the cake in half since the cake rises beautifully and make a cream cheese frosting to sandwich the two halves together. Either way, the cake is utterly delicious. It makes the perfect tea-time treat.

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