New! Gluten-Free Shortcrust pastry

Shortcrust pastry

This shortcrust pastry recipe I developed many years ago. It has always been my go-to pastry for quiche, tarts and a cookie crumb for cheesecake or other desserts. It is delicious lending to a crispiness and that flaky, buttery taste we love when it comes to shortcrust.

Cookie crumb for cheesecake
Rolling it out
A Baked Glutenfree cheesecake
Chocolate tarts

Order your pastry

I Put on a poll on my bakery instagram account to see whether people would want to purchase my shortcrust pastry ready-made, rolled out and rolled up and frozen (or fresh) for your convenience. The response was a resounding yes! So Now I am stocking it. The pastry is enough to make one pie or quiche or to use as a cookie crumb for a cheesecake base. It comes with instructions on how to defrost and blind bake.

I hope that this helps others out there wanting to try bake their own tarts, desserts, cheesecakes and quiche and that you will love my shortcrust pastry as much as I do. You can order it via my order page.

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