Emily Moon – Plettenberg Bay

Emily Moon

Emily Moon is set against an amazing backdrop. It is situated just outside Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route on the banks of the Bitou river.

Standing on the deck, you overlook the wetlands teaming with bird life as you watch the sunset slowly sink below the distant hills.

When you step inside the heavy carved doors that lead to the entrance way, it is as if you enter another land. Somewhere between A tropical oasis and Moroccan wonderland. At least this was my first impression!

Unfortunately since it was evening, my photos did not come out too well, but the food is amazing. The whole experience of dining at Emily Moon is one to remember, from the atmosphere, to the view, the decor and food. Be sure to book as it is very popular. If you are lucky, you can even book to stay. (on my “travel list” for sure!)

Above is the amazing meal I had which was lamb. There was no problem with finding gluten free options on the menu, even though it did not specifically state “gluten free”, I informed them and it was understood and catered for.

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