Dairy Free “Oero” Chocolate cake

Gluten and dairy Free oero cake

New on my menu is this amazing dairy free cake. Chocolate cake, in my opinion, must be moist and fluffy. Dry, crumbly cakes of any kind are just not enjoyable. This cake ticks all the boxes: moist, fluffy and soft and full of delicious flavor. There is nothing missing from it and I think it is actually better than my standard gluten free cake!

so what’s different?

The cake is made with almond milk and plant butter. The chocolate ganache is made with coconut cream and dairy free dark chocolate. The Frosting is made with icing sugar and plant butter. I also use strong freshly brewed coffee in my cake. Did you know coffee brings out the flavor of chocolate? Making it more intense, richer and bolder without adding a coffee taste at all. Coffee and chocolate – you can’t go wrong right?! The “oero” biscuits are dairy free too.

Try this delicious gluten and dairy free cake by ordering from me. The cake can be purchased as a mini cake, 2 layer cake or 3 layer cake!

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