NEW! Smoothie Premix available

Premixed Smoothie mix Smoothies are a great way to start the day or even to have during the day! They can also be quick if you prepare the ingredients in advance and add to a smoothie. Tips for preparing smoothie ingredients: Chop your Fruit and place into freezer safe bags. This way you have individualContinue reading “NEW! Smoothie Premix available”

Peanut butter/chocolate Antioxidant smoothie

The start of Spring always gets me into smoothie mode. Smoothies are a healthy and quick way to get a lot of healthy benefits in when it’s just too hot to eat a actual meal or you’re on the go and you want something filling and easy. Try this antioxidant packed smoothie, with blueberries, rawContinue reading “Peanut butter/chocolate Antioxidant smoothie”