Gluten free Easy Nachos Recipe

Nachos! I love Nachos! Who else loves Nachos?? There is something so yummy and comforting about this simple, easy to prepare dish. Since I don’t eat beans, my recipe is super simple and no beans required! What you will need: Free range beef mince (500g) 1 packet of Corn nacho chips (Gluten free) 250ml sourContinue reading “Gluten free Easy Nachos Recipe”

Tottie’s Farm Kitchen – Knynsa

Traveling with a food allergy is not always easy when it comes to finding places you can safely eat at. In this first of a series of restaurant review’s, join me as we visit Tottie’s Farm Kitchen on the Garden route in Knysna.

Travel and Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerant and travel. THE UK The First time I went overseas was in 2009. I went to the UK for 3 weeks. Back then I wasn’t off gluten so I didn’t have a problem with the food. France / Paris The second time I went was in 2011. My husband and I took aContinue reading “Travel and Gluten Intolerance”