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Gluten Free on the Garden route :

Tottie’s Farm kitchen in Knysna

Welcome to a new blog series! I love to travel and I love food. However, when you have food allergies it is not always easy to find places that you can safely eat at. Thankfully, more restaurant’s are becoming clued up on such things and we are starting to see some restaurant’s offering a wider range of options like gluten free, vegan and dairy free.

In South Africa, there are very few places that have certified gluten free kitchens/restaurants. They may offer gluten free options but this does not mean that their food is prepared in a separate area. I believe it is the responsibility of the person choosing to eat at such a place. We need to take our health into our own hands and accept that not everyone is as careful as we would like them to be in the matters of cross contamination. My motto is that if you ask the right questions and get the feeling that it is not going to be a good idea, rather go with your gut. I have an article on gluten free and travel here you can read with reference to what to ask.

While I have gotten ill a few times eating at restaurants, it is few and far between and I am very careful about the places I go to and normally will phone and inquire ahead of time or look at the menu online.

Tottie’s Farm Kitchen

Tottie’s Farm kitchen is located on the Rheenendal road in Knysna. It is a true gem of a place. The restaurant is what one would call “shabby chic” and “rustic” but done rather tastefully. Mich-matched tablecloths (which are grandma’s old doilies) and vintage linens adorn each table. Teapots are used as vases and vintage books are bundled together with ribbon or twine to add that touch of nostalgia. You really do feel like you have stepped back in time, to an era long gone.

the food

You won’t necessarily find the words “gluten free” on the menu, but after a detailed discussion with the waitress and as stated previously, asking the right questions, I settled on this amazing 3 egg omelette which was filled with the most divine spinach, feta and olive filling. The waitress assured me no wheat flour was used to thicken the sauce. If you are ever in this area and stop in at Tottie’s Farm kitchen, do yourself a favor and have this omelette. It is seriously the BEST one I have ever eaten. The way the food is presented is top notch too.

The friend I was traveling with is not gluten intolerant so she had this amazing looking wheat based sandwich.

I hope you enjoyed the first in my series of Gluten Free on the Garden Route. I will also be doing other travel posts and food reviews of restaurants I have been too with reference to eating gluten free around South Africa. So please stay tuned!

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