Vegan mushroom Bourguignon and Lasanga

This week’s meal orders … Lasanga A slow cooked beef sauce that simmers for an hour and a half. This really brings out all the flavors and makes the lasanga dish so tasty! I use red wine in my sauce which really adds to the depth. Vegan mushroom bourguignon This is a hearty plant-based stewContinue reading “Vegan mushroom Bourguignon and Lasanga”

New to order :Vegan Tortillas (wraps)

Wraps are one of those easy, tasty lunches! And so healthy too: take all your salad ingredients and stuff them in a grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free wrap and you have a super healthy lunch for work, school, home, on the go, whenever! So you can eat these if you are intolerant to gluten, dairyContinue reading “New to order :Vegan Tortillas (wraps)”