Dairy Free “Oero” Chocolate cake

Gluten and dairy Free oero cake New on my menu is this amazing dairy free cake. Chocolate cake, in my opinion, must be moist and fluffy. Dry, crumbly cakes of any kind are just not enjoyable. This cake ticks all the boxes: moist, fluffy and soft and full of delicious flavor. There is nothing missingContinue reading “Dairy Free “Oero” Chocolate cake”

Coffee and Walnut cake

New! I have a new cake on my menu! It is fast becoming one of my favorites! Delicious flavors of coffee in the cake and buttercream with walnuts and a dark chocolate ganache on top. I decorated this one with little succulent flowers from my garden, walnut sprinkles and chocolate flake. Order: You can orderContinue reading “Coffee and Walnut cake”