recipe: Sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies? I know, sounds weird, but believe me, these are delicious. They contain no refined sugar and you get a good dose of vegetables too. They definitely hit the spot when you have the sweet craving.

New: Sauces

New: Sauces on the menu Sauces are such a versatile condiment. They can be used to enhance the taste of food, decorate and garnish. I have made a selection of sauces available now for order. Glutenfree, Vegan and sugar free Many of you are asking for more dairy free and sugar free products. I haveContinue reading “New: Sauces”

Warming my heart…

My daughter, who is 17 has a gluten sensitivity and is dairy intolerant. She loves meal prep and for the past year has taken to making all her own meals. I am very proud of her for taking control of her own health at such a young age. As a mom, it’s a worry thatContinue reading “Warming my heart…”