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Vegan Millionaire Shortbread – New on the menu!

Vegan millionaire shortbread

I am really excited to be offering a vegan and gluten free millionaire shortbread that tastes amazing!!

I worked on this recipe for quite a while and had a lot of flops before coming up with the right consistency. This vegan millionaire shortbread caramel layer is made with refined sugar (sorry), sweetened coconut condensed milk, vegan butter and a tiny bit of syrup. The shortbread layer is made from Gluten free flours, icing sugar, vegan butter, salt and vanilla essence. And the dark chocolate layer is a dairy free chocolate layer.

The shortbread still manages to have that french sable texture and taste, the caramel layer I actually prefer as the taste is a lot more subtle and less sickly sweet than the traditional caramel used. I really thought it was going to be a lot sweeter but was pleasantly surprised.

The layers are not as clearly defined as in the traditional one, but the taste is definitely there!

You can order these now via my order page, I have a few already made in stock (no wait!)

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