Artisan Gluten free and Vegan bread

Bread essentials Bread is considered one of the essentials of life. In just about every culture on earth, you will find some type of flour based bread. There is something quite comforting about bread. The warm, yeasty smell that permeates the air when baking, the crusty outer edges and the soft pillowy insides , that,Continue reading “Artisan Gluten free and Vegan bread”

Tottie’s Farm Kitchen – Knynsa

Traveling with a food allergy is not always easy when it comes to finding places you can safely eat at. In this first of a series of restaurant review’s, join me as we visit Tottie’s Farm Kitchen on the Garden route in Knysna.

Sea salt Caramel cardomom tarts

Sea salt and caramel I’m a stockist of de Villiers chocolates and currently I’m only stocking the nut butter dairy-free, gluten free and sugar free range. It is keto and vegan certified. Of course I have to try them myself. Been dying to get my hands on these for ages! Let me just say… D-li-cious!!!Continue reading “Sea salt Caramel cardomom tarts”