Let’s talk about Fructose

What is fructose? Fructose is a monosaccharide . Monosaccaharides are carbohydrate molecules that cannot be hydrolyzed to smaller carbohydrates. Fructose makes up 50% table sugar (sucrose). Table sugar is a disaccharide as it consists of two monosacchrides: glucose and sucrose. Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruit, some vegetables and honey. It is alsoContinue reading “Let’s talk about Fructose”

Lectins – what you should know

Lectins What are lectins? Lectins are proteins that bind to carbohydrates. They are found in plants. Lectins are part of a plant’s defense system. There have been studies linked to both positive and negative health effects when it comes to lectins and some experts promote the idea of a lectin free diet, however current researchContinue reading “Lectins – what you should know”