New! Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Now you can order ready-made Frozen meals HERE. Please allow two days to prepare your meals. All meals come frozen and with defrosting instructions as well as ingredients listed on the package. Available Tuesday to Friday every week. Vegan meals are all made with sourced plant-based mince, cheese and milk. Some meals have a dairyContinue reading “New! Gluten Free Frozen Meals”

Vegan mushroom Bourguignon and Lasanga

This week’s meal orders … Lasanga A slow cooked beef sauce that simmers for an hour and a half. This really brings out all the flavors and makes the lasanga dish so tasty! I use red wine in my sauce which really adds to the depth. Vegan mushroom bourguignon This is a hearty plant-based stewContinue reading “Vegan mushroom Bourguignon and Lasanga”

Chicken Curry & Vegetable soup

Here in South Africa, we have now entered our Autumn. The season has changed already with cooler days, colder mornings and a crispness in the air. We have had some days of rain too. Cooler weather brings on the want for comforting food. I personally love Autumn. It is my favorite season. Followed closely byContinue reading “Chicken Curry & Vegetable soup”