recipe: Sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies? I know, sounds weird, but believe me, these are delicious. They contain no refined sugar and you get a good dose of vegetables too. They definitely hit the spot when you have the sweet craving.

Chocolate Brownies

chocolate bRownies Chocolate Brownies are one of those yummy treats you just NEED in your life every now and then. My favorite is when the top is crackly and the inside is still a bit gooey and fudgey along with the crunch of pecan nuts. On my menu I have a few different options ofContinue reading “Chocolate Brownies”

Low Carb and sugar-free brownies

Low Carb/sugar-Free brownies These days a lot of people are opting for a low carb (or even Keto) way of eating and also consciously trying to either cut back on their refined sugar intake or avoid it altogether. Both can be beneficial to your health as high carbs and high sugar intake have been knownContinue reading “Low Carb and sugar-free brownies”