Gluten free Easy Nachos Recipe

Nachos! I love Nachos! Who else loves Nachos?? There is something so yummy and comforting about this simple, easy to prepare dish. Since I don’t eat beans, my recipe is super simple and no beans required! What you will need: Free range beef mince (500g) 1 packet of Corn nacho chips (Gluten free) 250ml sourContinue reading “Gluten free Easy Nachos Recipe”

New! Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Now you can order ready-made Frozen meals HERE. Please allow two days to prepare your meals. All meals come frozen and with defrosting instructions as well as ingredients listed on the package. Available Tuesday to Friday every week. Vegan meals are all made with sourced plant-based mince, cheese and milk. Some meals have a dairyContinue reading “New! Gluten Free Frozen Meals”

Artisan Gluten free and Vegan bread

Bread essentials Bread is considered one of the essentials of life. In just about every culture on earth, you will find some type of flour based bread. There is something quite comforting about bread. The warm, yeasty smell that permeates the air when baking, the crusty outer edges and the soft pillowy insides , that,Continue reading “Artisan Gluten free and Vegan bread”