Sunset Chocolate cake

Today I had a busy day with some cake orders. It’s always a long day in the kitchen, especially on a Friday, but It’s enjoyable when I get into the zone, letting my creative juices flow. My favorite cakes are when I get to decorate with wherever the mood takes me.

Sunset Cake

Today’s mood: You know how it feels, sometimes life is so hectic. You have a million and one things going on, some big, some small. You don’t know quite where to focus, everything seems blurry. Then you close your eyes and imagine it: you’re lying on a golden beach with the gentle waves lapping onto the shore, making a small plop as they hit the sand. Above you is a blue expanse that stretches on forever, a few wispy clouds floating by. Your feet are covered in sand, an empty cocktail glass stands propped up in the sand next to your towel. Your skin has fresh droplets of salty sea water on it from the last dip a few minutes ago…..Some days I wish I was there, wherever that THERE is! On an island somewhere!

Today I sort of had this image in my head when I created this cake…a never ending summer. The cookie crumb is the sand…the watercolor effect of the buttercream is the sunset as the sky is filled with the brush strokes of orange, pink and peach.

Sunset cake

If you could choose anywhere to be right now…where would it be? A few years ago my hubby and I went to Mauritius, I’d never been to an island and I’ve never been to another one. But I would go back any day. It was stunning.

The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and then I dabbed three different colors on using a palette knife: dusty rose, ivory and red red. I then ran my cake scraper around the edges to blur the colors together, sort of like a watercolor effect. I just love how it came out.

I hope you have good weekend and remember if you can’t manage a trip to that tropical island, just order a cake instead!

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