Recipe: Gluten free Banana Bread (and dairy/egg free)

Banana bread

Banana bread is such a forgiving thing to make. It lends itself to so many variations and additions. It also lends itself to omissions! Like eggs. I’m not vegan, but sometimes I like to bake without eggs when I am running low on eggs or just simply don’t have any!

mini banana bread loaves

What makes a good banana bread

  • It needs to cut well and not fall apart.
  • Banana bread needs to be moist but not gluggy.
  • It should also be packed with flavor like cinnamon
  • It should have some sweetness without being over overpoweringly sweet.

About this recipe

This recipe is made using gluten free flour. Make sure your flour mix contains at least one starch and one rice flour as well as added xanthan gum. The recipe also contains a bit of coconut flour and desiccated coconut of which add to the texture and taste. I used almond milk but you could use any type of milk. I used olive oil, but you could use coconut oil or another oil like avocado oil or a vegetable oil. Make sure your bananas are over ripe. You know the kind where the skin goes black and they are just starting to turn. Don’t use bananas that are beyond this stage (the gross slimy, bubbly kind…ewww. This will make your bread taste off).

They make great little foodie gifts wrapped in brown wax paper and tied with string.

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