New! Hot chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs

These are the perfect winter treat!

Simply place the bomb into your cup, pour boiling water or hot milk over and watch as it bursts open revealing mini marshmallows that float to the surface along with the hot chocolate powder. Stir briskly for 20 seconds and enjoy. Add sugar or extra milk for taste but my taste testers (AKA family) gave the thumbs up “as is”. Just depends on your preference.

At the moment I have two different bombs.

Normal hot chocolate bomb made with hot chocolate powder, (does contain milk powder), sugar, cocoa powder and mini marshmallows.

And a coconut hot chocolate that contains coconut, coconut creamer, cocoa powder, cocoa acacia powder and mini marshmallows.

They are sold in packs of 1 or 2 and currently both varieties are available but limited stock. I will be making these from time to time but not for order. So just check my order form from time to time.

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