New! Cape Brandy Pudding (Tipsy Tart)

New in the bakery!

Winter is upon us and that means time to cozy up with a warm fire, a glass of wine and a nice warm pudding!

Here in South Africa, we have a traditional pudding called Tipsy Tart. It is also known as Cape Brandy Pudding and Date pudding. This pudding has a strong brandy sauce that is poured over it as soon as it comes out of the oven.

The pudding is made out of Gluten free flour, butter, sugar, dates, pecan nuts and a sauce of butter, sugar and brandy. It is not “sticky” but rather quite cake like in texture and spongy where it has soaked it up the brandy sauce. It is best served warm with ice-cream or custard.

I’ll be offering this frozen (in stock) and fresh (to order). Either as a single portion (enough for two people) or a double portion (which as a pudding is easily enough for 4 people)

Orders yours here.

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