My First attempt at Gluten Free Croissants

Seven long years without croissants…. I can still remember the last croissant I ate before I went off gluten. It was a bitter-sweet moment. I enjoyed the croissant but the pain and agony lasted for days!

Since then I have not had a croissant, simply because I have never found anywhere that sells them. When I was still on gluten, I once tried them and they looked like little turds and they were terrible, So I never tried them again…but now with a whole lot of baking experience behind me, I decided to try them again.

The Search for the recipe…

I think the worse thing (and the best thing) about pinterest is the sheer volume of recipes available! It can be so overwhelming and daunting. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and pick one! I decided on this one by Sarah Howells. I made sure I had everything I needed and read through the recipe a few times. The next day I got up early and began! The process was enjoyable, although time consuming. The recipe said 3.5 hours in total, but I am sure I spent a good 5 hours from beginning of prep to end of baking time. I prepped the pastry that day and proofed it and then it went into the fridge overnight. Torture!!

The next morning I got up early and preheated my oven and then egg washed the croissants which looked like mini doll versions. They were tiny. I sat on the floor in front of my oven and watched and waited while they baked! The smell was amazing.

Even though they were mini croissants, they looked and smelled amazing and the best part…they TASTED AMAZING!

The layers of buttery flakiness was just indescribable… Tiny little pieces of pastry heaven.

You can see the layers in the photo above.

And this one shows the layers pretty well. Well folks….that is a wrap! My gluten free dreams have now ALL officially come true!

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