Mini cake

Recently I had to close the bakery as my husband got Covid. Today is day 11 and is slowly improving. It proved to be a very stressful, anxiety-filled time, especially before we knew if he was going to be okay or not. Now he is recovering. In the interim, I made this little mini cake to take my mind of things. Baking helps me to cope with stress.

I made a small batch cake using a recipe from the Loopy Whisk. It made one small cake which was enough for 4 slices. I used some left over coffee buttercream I had and made a quick salted caramel sauce.

I then went into the garden and picked some fresh roses and greenery and nasturtiums to add to it.

The cake had a lovely taste and texture and it was a fun little baking project to do. Sometimes I enjoy baking for myself the most as their is no pressure or expectation involved.

Mini cakes are a cost effective way to spoil a loved one or yourself. Sometimes a huge cake is just too much especially if you are only one or two people. A mini cake gives 4 good sized slices and is a lovely once off treat without any wastage.

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