Gluten Free Meals

Healthy, free from additives, made with the best ingredients.

slow cooked red wine lasanga

Ingredients: free range beef mince, red wine, gluten free lasagna sheets, butter, corn starch, milk, onion, celery, garlic, carrots, leeks, canned tomatoes, herbs, seasoning, cheese.

Chicken curry

Ingredients: Free range chicken, herbs, seasoning, spices, tomato, sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, carrots, chutney.

Thai chicken curry

Ingredients: Free range chicken, seasoning, herbs , spices, coconut oil, leek, bell pepper, ginger, red curry paste (no crustaceans) coconut cream, garlic.

cottage pie

Ingredients: Free range beef mince, onion, mixed veg (carrot, peas, corn, beans) cornflour, tomato paste, herbs, seasoning, garlic, potato, butter, milk.