Live Zoom Baking class!

My first live interactive zoom baking class

I am so excited to be offering classes during this pandemic, in the comfort and safety of your own home and kitchen! In this first class we will be making a gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free chocolate cake together!

This cake is the ultimate goodness of gluten/dairy/refined sugar free baking! you have done it again Bonnie, pure deliciousness and satisfaction!


I had a customer of mine sample my cake and that was her remark. I will be in my home kitchen and probably fumbling around and making an idiot of myself, but that is okay! You can join in, bake along and laugh along too. We will have fun! You can ask questions too. Space is limited and currently I only have 3 spaces left of the 4 I have allocated.

The cake will be made using the amazing vegan, refined sugar free de villiers chocolate.

To book your spot please to click here.

Bookings close March 31st.

Which by the way if you want to order your own, please use my brand ambassador code : BONNIE to get 15% off your entire online order!

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