Dairy Free Ice-Cream

Dairy free chocolate ice-cream

Dairy Free Ice-cream just in time for summer

I now am making dairy free ice-cream. It is available as a 500ml tub. Ingredients are: coconut cream, sweetened coconut condensed milk, egg, instant coffee, cocoa powder and vanilla essence. I plan to make more delicious flavors. I also have a dairy and sugar free version coming soon. The ice-cream is super creamy, scoop-able and just plain delicious. The cocoa powder masks the overall coconut taste.

This is what the little 500ml tub looks like. Since this is a hand crafted, artisan ice-cream it is only available in small batches.

Take the ice-cream out the freezer and place it on the counter for about 10-15 minutes to soften before attempting to scoop. For best results have a cup of boiling water on hand and dip your ice-cream scoop into it before and after each scoop for easy, clean scoops!

I hope you will enjoy this ice-cream, it will only be available for the summer months! You can order it here.

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