Chocolate Treat boxes

Handmade chocolates

One thing I have come to love doing is making handmade chocolates. I love testing new recipes and also making up my own by combining a few different recipes to make a new one. Sometimes you like elements of a certain recipe, but you can also see how components of different recipes could be combined to form something that just fits better.

Lately I have been trying to make healthier chocolate bars to sell in my bakery. Chocolate bars are often loaded with sugar but also with additives, preservatives, and other nasties that just are not good for you. My new chocolate bars :peanut bars that you see in the first photo, are mostly refined sugar free. The thin chocolate coating is the only part that contains refined sugar. Inside is a healthier version that is made with dates, coconut sugar, almonds, peanuts, coconut cream, coconut flour and coconut oil. They are also vegan.

Chocolate Treat boxes this week

This week I have five of my chocolate treat boxes available. Each box contains two millionaire shortbread squares (my best selling sweet!)two coconut bars and two peanut bars. The coconut and peanut bars are mostly refined sugar free and vegan but the squares are not. All my sweets/chocolates are always gluten free.

what’s in the box

You can order by sending me an email or a dm on my Instagram page.

I’ll be adding my peanut bars to my order form.

What is your favorite chocolate?

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