New: Sauces

New: Sauces on the menu

Sauces are such a versatile condiment. They can be used to enhance the taste of food, decorate and garnish. I have made a selection of sauces available now for order.

Glutenfree, Vegan and sugar free

Many of you are asking for more dairy free and sugar free products. I have three sauces that fit this brief. Not only are they gluten free, but they are all egg free, dairy free and refined sugar free too. They are either sold as a trio of three, each 125ml each or separately in 125ml glass jars.

Sugar free, dairy free trio of sauces

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce that can be poured or drizzled over ice-cream or other desserts. It is made with cocoa powder, erythritol and coconut milk.

Caramel sauce

This caramel sauce is made with coconut oil, erythritol, coconut cream and vanilla essence. It can be used over ice-cream or dessert or added to a buttercream or cream when whipping to add some caramel flavor. It makes the perfect dessert accompaniment.

Date Sauce

Date sauce is made with dates, coconut milk and vanilla essence and salt. It is thick and fudgey and can be used to add to dessert, smoothies, or used in baking like when baking muffins.

Other Sauces

On the menu I also a salted caramel sauce that is made with dairy and refined sugar. To order any of these sauces, please go to my order page. These make lovely little gifts too. The sauces can be frozen. They should last 2-3 weeks in the fridge.



One of the things I wanted to do when I started my bakery was to make gluten free baking more accessible to others. Yes, there are a lot of gluten free premixes on our market, and I have tried most of them. However, I have found very few to be satisfactory. The ones that do produce lovely bakes unfortunately also contain additives and preservatives which are not very healthy. My premixes are made to order, meaning that is fresh and will store well for up to three months. They also contain no preservatives or additives.

They are all my favorite recipes, tried and tested and I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do. My premixes are also now available on Gisele’s Healthy kitchen website for those living out in Cape Town way.

Chocolate cupcake premix

Pancake premix

Please also see this post on how to make them with step by step instructions.

Choc-chip cookie premix

Vegan wrap premix

These wraps make between 8-16 wraps. It really depends on the amount of work you want to put in. If you are prepared to keep reworking the dough, you can get a good 15 wraps out. Full blog post here and video with instructions on my IGTV channel.

Scones premix

You can read the full blog post for them here

Waffle premix

It doesn’t get easier if you use your waffle machine! These freeze really well too , just pop them in the toaster to defrost and warm up.

I hope you will try some of my premixes. I also offer them for wholesale for shops so pop me an email if you are interested in stocking them.

Cookie Box pre order

New Cookies!

When I was a child, my grandmother would often bake cookies. She taught me how to make crunchies which are a South African traditional oat cookie. For these I used gluten free oats. Oat cookies or crunchies are so delicious. They are sweet and crunchy but also have a soft chewy texture.

Choc Dreams are based on another South African favorite “Romany creams”. They used to be some of my favorite cookies. They have a slight coconut taste. I added a chocolate coating and sprinkles to these.

Thin mints are a nostalgic favorite of mine from my gluten days. Thin, chocolate coated cookies with a mint taste. I was so incredibly happy to get both the texture and taste of these spot on!

Pre order for 12 October

I am offering two options for pre order.

  1. Family size box of 24 cookies. (8 crunchies, 6 thin mints and 10 choc dreams)
  2. Single size of 9 cookies (2 crunchies, 4 thin mints, 3 choc dreams)

Pre order cut off date is the 8th October.

Family size box
example of single box size

From time to time I will pre-made cookies, since they store so well and then offer them as items in stock on my order form. I am excited to add to the cookie collection with time. So keep watching the order form for when stock becomes available.

thin mint

Below is how your family size boxed will look packaged up. It makes a great gift too!

packaged family cookie box
choc dreams

You can pre order yours HERE.