Cookie Box pre order

New Cookies!

When I was a child, my grandmother would often bake cookies. She taught me how to make crunchies which are a South African traditional oat cookie. For these I used gluten free oats. Oat cookies or crunchies are so delicious. They are sweet and crunchy but also have a soft chewy texture.

Choc Dreams are based on another South African favorite “Romany creams”. They used to be some of my favorite cookies. They have a slight coconut taste. I added a chocolate coating and sprinkles to these.

Thin mints are a nostalgic favorite of mine from my gluten days. Thin, chocolate coated cookies with a mint taste. I was so incredibly happy to get both the texture and taste of these spot on!

Pre order for 12 October

I am offering two options for pre order.

  1. Family size box of 24 cookies. (8 crunchies, 6 thin mints and 10 choc dreams)
  2. Single size of 9 cookies (2 crunchies, 4 thin mints, 3 choc dreams)

Pre order cut off date is the 8th October.

Family size box
example of single box size

From time to time I will pre-made cookies, since they store so well and then offer them as items in stock on my order form. I am excited to add to the cookie collection with time. So keep watching the order form for when stock becomes available.

thin mint

Below is how your family size boxed will look packaged up. It makes a great gift too!

packaged family cookie box
choc dreams

You can pre order yours HERE.

Healthy Peanut Chocolate Bars

Before I went off gluten, chocolate bars were my little indulgent treat. Probably not very healthy treat, but nonetheless! Chocolate log, snickers, TV bar, Inside Story, Lunch bar were my favorite to name a few! Going off gluten probably saved me from diabetes in the long run! All that refined sugar I was eating was not healthy. Going off gluten definitely made me more aware of what I was putting into my body and my outlook on food choices changed drastically. That is not to say I don’t eat anything with refined sugar in it, but the times I do are very few and far between now.

Now I opt for healthier treats that still taste delicious. Like my chocolate peanut bars! Made with only 5 ingredients and no refined sugar, they are not only healthy, but super delicious too. In fact, they could quite easily pass as an ice-cream bar as you eat them straight out the fridge! These bars are dairy free and vegan too. I use dairy free chocolate and they can easily be made sugar free too just by opting for a sugar free chocolate.

Chocolate peanut bars

These yummy bars contain: coconut cream, coconut flour, peanut butter, dates and dark chocolate. That is it!

We start off with the “nougat” layer which is made with the coconut flour, cream and peanut butter. This is pressed into a dish and placed into the freezer. The “caramel” layer is made up of dates that are simply steeped in boiling water to soften them and then blitzed into a paste. The paste is then spread on top of the coconut layer. The dates make them gooey and sweet, almost like a caramel layer. Raw peanuts (unsalted) are then pressed into the date layer. It then goes back into the freezer to set.

The final layer is chocolate. Melt some chocolate, add a bit of coconut oil to thin it out. The slab is then removed from the freezer and cut into bars and then each bar is dipped into the warm chocolate and placed on a sheet of baking paper to set and harden.

These chocolates are perfect for a summer treat as they are best eaten cold. Store them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or freeze them on day of making/purchase.

recipe book

The recipe for these yummy chocolate treats is in my new recipe booklet which you can purchase from me. I accept paypal and can do international shipping. Within South Africa, I use Aramex courier. Order Here.

Dairy Free “Oero” Chocolate cake

Gluten and dairy Free oero cake

New on my menu is this amazing dairy free cake. Chocolate cake, in my opinion, must be moist and fluffy. Dry, crumbly cakes of any kind are just not enjoyable. This cake ticks all the boxes: moist, fluffy and soft and full of delicious flavor. There is nothing missing from it and I think it is actually better than my standard gluten free cake!

so what’s different?

The cake is made with almond milk and plant butter. The chocolate ganache is made with coconut cream and dairy free dark chocolate. The Frosting is made with icing sugar and plant butter. I also use strong freshly brewed coffee in my cake. Did you know coffee brings out the flavor of chocolate? Making it more intense, richer and bolder without adding a coffee taste at all. Coffee and chocolate – you can’t go wrong right?! The “oero” biscuits are dairy free too.

Try this delicious gluten and dairy free cake by ordering from me. The cake can be purchased as a mini cake, 2 layer cake or 3 layer cake!