3 tips for eating out with gluten intolerance without being a drama Lama

Nobody wants to be that person: the one who can’t eat anything on the menu; the one who takes 5 years scouring the menu only to sigh and say “there’s nothing I can eat!”; the one who apologizes profusely while explaining your intolerance in detail and how sick you’ll be if you have gluten accidentally and that’s why you ask the waiter to break down each dish’s ingredients so you can decipher the code and work out if it could possibly have gluten in….

What I’ve learned over the years…

#Tip 1

Use common sense and stay away from things on the menu that are potential threats: sauces, marinades, tempura, deep fried, coated, gravy and crumbed.

#Tip 2

If you can prepare before hand, do so. Check out the online menu and mentally choose a few dishes you know will be safe to eat. If you’re not sure, phone the restaurant and discuss it. Look up fancy words to check what they are. Some restaurants like to use another language like French to make their menu seem more sophisticated. Or just chef terminology to elevate the way their dish sounds.

#Tip 3

This one is the deal clencher for me. Going out for burgers is never fun when you have to ask for a “bunless burger”. I take my own gluten free bun with and when ordering I simply give the container to the waiter and say “It’s a gluten free bun, please use this to make my burger”. It’s hassle free, attracts next to no attention and you’re not giving anyone the Spanish Inquisition or making a big fuss.

My gluten free bun the restaurant kindly used to make my burger.

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